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Kasa Luntaian never fails to create a relaxing ambiance and passive activities for residences to enjoy and experience. Its central amenity area is composed of a viewing pavilion, an adult and leisure pool, kiddie pools, cascading Jacuzzi, open lawn, small pocket parks and open green areas. Other indoor amenities include function halls, community lounge per floor and a community deck.

The low-rise development features amenities that will create a relaxing ambience and provide diverse passive activities for an intimate yet casual family experience

Kasa Luntain features amenities and services that will not only provide a relaxing aura but also makes every moment worthwhile. The perfect combination of sounds, scents, tastes, colors, textures coupled with fresh mountain air is unforgettable. The heightened connection with nature is unrivaled. It will naturally diminish the clutter of urban life and instead nurture the rare moments of living. There is no better place to be.

The Kasa Luntian is envisioned to be an excellent destination due to its wide range of dining concepts which include coffee shops, organic bistros and boutiques. The residential complex boasts of generous greens and first class amenities. Some of these include:

The trellis walkways stand out as structures that bring not only function but also the beauty to the landscape. Trellis has numerous uses such as shade for the plants and the residents. They have an aesthetic appeal and for climbing plants to grow well. If installed correctly, the trellis can withstand many powerful and heavier winds than the traditional methods.

Kana Luntian also has a rain garden that is located just close a runoff source such as a sump sump or the downspout to prevent water from flowing to the main sewer system. The rain garden is also constructed to collect rainwater runoff. The rain garden comprises of only native plants due to their enhanced adaptability to the climate and local soil. Due to this, the area often attracts a broad range of native birds and insects, which makes it one of the hot spots for sightseeing in the Kasa Luntian.

The complex also boasts of one of the most innovative Orchard and Herb Garden, which is home to native herbs and trees that are mainly found in the Philippines. The Orchard has a wide range o fruits while the herb garden has some of the most exotic herbs. The gardens are tended to by the workers and produce fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits. All plants grown here are organic as no chemicals, or even pesticides are administered. Some even have beehives from which organic honey is sourced. Guests and residents will have the luxury of enjoying the home grown herbal experience offered at the Kasa Luntian. To avoid using pesticide Kasa Luntian opts for a composting system, which is designed to provide natural fertilization that is sourced from garden worms. 


Other notable features and amenities include:

  • Open Lawn
  • Orchard and Herb Garden
  • Cascading Water Features
  • Swimming Pool
  • Pavillions
  • Trellis Walkway
  • Play Area        
  • Function Room w/ Spill Over
  • Each building is assigned one elevator
  • The residential complex has a standby generator that automatically turns on in case of an outage
  • Proper garbage disposal initiatives, which also includes a trash room
  • Sprinkler system
  • A well-equipped fire detection system
  • Naturally ventilated lobbies
  • A mailroom
  • Each lobby has a spillover
  • A reception area is provided

Central Amenity Area

  • Viewing Pavilion
  • Adult and Leisure Pool
  • Kiddie Pools
  • Cascading Jacuzzis
  • Pavilions
  • Open Lawn
  • Jungle Play Area


Pocket Parks

  • Open Greens
  • Nooks/Pocket Seating Areas
  • Herb Garden
  • Coffee Orchard
  • Rain Garden
  • Elevated Creekside Walkway
  • Tree House

Indoor Amenities

  • Function Halls with Spill-over
  • Community Lounge per Floor
  • Community Deck (roof deck)
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