Kasa Luntian - Towers

You've probably had an interest in investing in the Alveo’s leisure residential condominium complex. Popularly known as the Kasa Luntian, this condo will feature an acquaint retail strip that is located near the main road. This 0.8-hectare retail district of this remarkable property is envisioned to be a great and unique destination that features dining ideas such as coffee shops, boutiques, and organic bistros. The other amazing aspect that will entice you to invest in this condo is that its neighborhood is a low density and a low rise community.

Having a place that you can call home is one of the best things you’ll ever achieve. In case you’ve put aside some money to secure a condo, do not hesitate to buy it in a premier location. For your information, Kasa Luntian is a place where people love going for weekend getaways, leisure and vacation.

Kasa Luntian is one of the popular and most visited places in Philippine and perhaps it’s one of the few places where you can have a panoramic view of Lake Taal. Moreover, this area is surrounded by a variety of beautiful flowers, natural vegetation, and rainforest. Who wouldn't you love to live in a place that provides you with such an amazing view?

Having a chance to own a condominium in this place can be compared to waking up in a dream paradise, where you won't have to worry about the intoxicating feel of the town's industries. If you are looking forward to living in a green paradise that is located amidst lush vegetation and tropical forest trees look no further; the Kasa Luntian will surely provide you with the peace and serenity you’ve ever aspired for.

The Alveo’s Kasa Luntian is set in a cluster of 6 building connected with footpaths and trails that you can use when wandering around the wonderful semi-forest setting of some of the areas located within this property. You’ll agree with me that the natural green scenery would liven up your senses while enjoying the gift of nature that God has blessed us with.